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You Are Everything You Need to Remember

I was six years old when I learned that I could escape into stories and immerse myself in a make-believe world which existed within bound pages of print. I was 12 years old when I learned that reality was a land that didn’t always have a warm embrace, and that…

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The Women Who Said Yes to Themselves

Warrior woman, I see you. I see you every day. I see you as you walk past me on the street, weaving through crowded avenues, your feet sinking into the paving stones with each overwhelmed step. I see you as you cover your face with your hands, letting your head…

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Our Symphony Has Stopped. A Letter to My Lost Love

Here I am, on the other side of everything we fought to get through. And here you aren’t. Our love has sat on a dusty shelf for thousands of hours now, and whilst we both know the futility of reaching for a cloth to clean it with, the space remains…

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I am a writer and a mentor. I help women find their courage through creativity.


After a lifetime (or three) of feeling as though I didn’t fit into the shape that the World wanted to mold me into, I decided to stop trying. And that’s when I grew my creative wings.


By omitting certain words from my vocabulary (including should”, “must” and not enough”) I was able to release a great many limiting beliefs that had been gnawing away at me for long years.


I took all the shouty energy vampires that had been shredding my spirit (like fear and self doubt) and I put them in a jar that I labelled No Longer Required. I stopped telling myself that I wasn’t a photographer and I began taking pictures. I stopped telling myself that I wasn’t a writer and I began writing. 



The more I embraced my creative path the stronger my wings became. I noticed that my greatest feelings of freedom and bravery would come when I was immersed in creativity. By giving myself permission to be guided by my own flow, I was able to shake off the weight of the opinions of the World.


I began to get more clarity on who I really was, and just as importantly, who I wasn’t. Creativity became my meditation and my greatest teacher. 


I started to lift off the many layers of societal conditioning and accepted norms. I realized that there were spaces in between the labels and language I had become accustomed to using. And I realized that I could decide how to fill those spaces. 


Having dealt with divorce, depression, bulimia and low self esteem, I knew that I needed to practice methods that strengthened my own self expression and stopped me from feeling sucked in to a life that didn’t feel like mine. 


Creativity, in all of her forms, was an empowering and healing tool for me. It was a revelation for me to discover that just because I felt broken or jaded, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t create something beautiful and whole. Myself included. 


Having used the medicine of words and images to help me reconnect with my truth, I decided to use writing and visual art to connect with other women so that I could also help them to remember their own worth, their own true story. 


Understanding the healing power of the creative process has been the single most significant experience of my life. Building my work around this knowledge has been enriching and rewarding beyond measure.  



When I’m feeling off kilter I know I need to take time to hook up to some creative I.V. therapy and let art and books soak my veins. My rebel cells need their fix. (Sometimes they need their Netflix, too).


I’m a huge animal lover and I believe that each being has a birthright to freedom. I fully support LGBTQi people, I believe Black Lives Matter and I have a deep desire to see Native Americans be given respect and fair representation.


Intersectionality is important to me and I strive to gain a greater understanding of experiences that are not mine. (If you are in a minority group or have been shunned or shamed by others, you are welcome here.)


Writing has been instrumental in helping me process all that I think and feel, as well as giving chinks of light to the darkness and depression that occasionally still come to visit me. I am honest about all of my experiences, from joy to anxiety. I don’t edit out any of my story and I encourage you not to either.


I have a passion for chai tea (always the tea bag, never the latte) and good chocolate. I’m soothed by candles and classical music and I’m energized by people who pursue their passions.


Some of my most poetic pieces of work have been prompted by my friend, Ms. Pinot Grigio. (I always believe in giving credit where it’s due.)


I prefer to celebrate other women rather than view them as my competition. I believe that we are as much a sistersong as a sisterhood – each woman adds her own beautiful verse.


I’m much more interested in living an authentic life than I am by the less legitimate ‘likes’ that the digital age has declared to be our self esteem guide.


Sometimes the shouty energy vampires that I put in that No Longer Required jar start creating trouble. They demand to be set free so they can run riotously around my mind. Whenever that happens I create something. Anything. I take my fear and turn it into my fierce. I love a bit of alchemy.



My work has been featured by numerous sites, including: Rebelle Society, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Positively Positive, TUT, Tiny Buddha, The Manifest-Station & Not Salmon. 


Part of my journey has been featured in the book #LIFECHANGER, a collection of inspirational stories from people who have changed their lives by manifesting their dreams. I was also interviewed by CNN as part of a feature article where I spoke about my experiences with bulimia. 


I was chosen as one of the Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and Top 101 Most Inspiring Blogs by Guided Mind. I was a speaker at the Global Social Change Summit 2017 as organized by the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women.


I grew up in London and I now live in New York City with my husband (and partner in creativity).


You can connect with me on Instagram, FacebookMediumTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube.


You can click here to find out more about my online series The Great Remembering: Tracing a Map Back to You.


I also have my Twelve Month Tapestry series over on Medium which is updated daily. I began this series because I wanted a way to gather the stray words, the splashes and spills that are so much a part of me but aren’t always spoken of. The fabric of Twelve Month Tapestry is made up of twelve daily notes (noticings) and can be found here.


Click here to hear me being interviewed on Girl Power Hour Radio Show. Click here to listen to me being interviewed on America Mediating Radio Show.