Pet Sitting Services


In addition to being a writer, I also provide pet sitting and dog walking services. Being able to combine the two things that I love most means a great deal to me.


I am a huge animal lover with years of experience of being around dogs and cats. I am highly intuitive and have a natural affinity with animals. I continue to receive excellent feedback from all my clients, many who have been with me long term, and I’ve also had an article published on my dog walking experiences which you can read here.


I provide care for your pet in the comfort of your own home and I am fully insured with Pet Sitters Associates. 


It can often be unsettling for animals when their families are out of town or on vacation, but the beauty of looking after pets in their own home is that there is much more familiarity and consistency for them. There’s no additional stress of new surroundings or other pets.


I pride myself on giving loving care and attention to your pet, as well as total respect for your property and personal privacy.






Q: How can I be assured that my pet is receiving the best level of care?

A: Your pets wellbeing and safety are of paramount importance to me as well as to you. I’m happy when they are happy! It matters to me that your pet gets the love and attention that they deserve.


Prior to pet sitting or dog walking, I offer a free First Date (of up to thirty minutes) where I have an opportunity to meet you and your pet. During this time I will take notes on special requirements, preferences and any other vital information. No two pets are the same and it is important to ensure that both you and your pet feel comfortable.


Because your pet will be taken care of in their familiar home environment, it is far less likely that they will pick up any illnesses that are often transmitted between animals when boarded in shared facilities.


Each of my pet sitting packages come with daily updates and images of your pet which can be sent to you via text or email (or if you are on Instagram you can follow my IG stories to see your pet in real time @petsittingnyc).


I can also provide client testimonials.


Q: How much time will you spend with my pet?

A: When I am pet sitting, aside from any necessary short local outings, I am almost always with your pet. I genuinely love being around animals so your pet won’t be lonely! I like to give a lot of TLC to the pets in my care, whilst also being considerate of their space.


Q: Do you allow anybody else to access my property?

A: No, absolutely not. I do not have any other guests visiting your property whilst I am pet sitting (with the exception of my husband occasionally dropping off items for me on long term stays). Client confidentiality is important to me, as is having respect for your home environment. Also, no guests means that your pet does not have to deal with any further anxieties surrounding strangers invading their space.


Q: My pet follows a special diet. Will you accommodate this? 

A: Yes. It is my job to ensure that your pet has the minimum amount of disruption to their regular routine, which also includes mealtimes. I will not feed your pet anything other than their normal diet and I ask that you leave the required amount of food/treats that your pet will need. I always ensure that fresh water is available for your pet at all times. (During the summer months I always carry a portable drinking bowl on dog walks so your pet can stay hydrated).






Q: How do I know that the walk has taken place?

A: You will receive a text alert when I arrive to get your pooch and a full text update after the walk which will also include two photos. The update will provide you with information on how the walk went, if your dog pooped and any other relevant details that will help keep you fully informed and reassured that your pup has been well looked after.


Q: Do you offer group walks?

A: Typically, no. However this can be an option if there is another owner that is willing to have their dog walked at the same time/in the same location. I find that one-on-one walks are generally a better option as it allows me to properly take care of your dog and give them my undivided attention. Most of the dogs I walk have an opportunity to stop and say hello to other pups whilst we are out so they still get to meet their buddies!


Q: Do you take my dog off the leash?

A: No. When outside, your dog will stay on the leash at all times.


Q: If the weather is bad will my dog still be walked?

A: Yes, as long as they are happy to go out the walk will still take place. Many dogs are not big fans of rain or snow (like us humans!) but there are options available for those that are unwilling to get wet.


My main focus is that your dog enjoys the time I spend with them and that they are exercised and happy. If this means that we stay inside and play fetch during inclement weather then that’s absolutely fine. You and your pup determine how the time is spent and I cater to your needs.


Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Whilst I understand that life is never predictable I do ask that you give me as much notice as possible with regards to any schedule amendments. The minimum notice period is 24 hours.


Q: How is billing and payment processed?

A: Regular walks are paid for in advance for each calendar month.

Any additional walks will be invoiced for at the end of each calendar month.

Any necessary adjustments/reconciliations will be made at the end of each calendar month.

Payment options are via cheque or cash. Sporadic walks can be paid for on the day, in advance of the walk taking place.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, my insurance is renewed annually via PSA (Pet Sitters Associates) and I am happy to show a copy of my certification upon request.


Q: Do you have a recommended dog trainer?

A: Yes, I have worked with and recommend Shelby Semel Dog Training






$75 (per 24 hour period)





BRONZE – $85 per 24 hrs

15 min morning walk

30 min lunchtime walk

15 min evening walk

2 additional pee breaks

SILVER – $95 per 24 hrs

30 min morning walk

30 min lunchtime walk

30 min evening walk

2-3 additional pee breaks

GOLD – $105 per 24 hrs

30 min morning walk

1 hour lunchtime walk

30 min evening walk

Unlimited pee breaks


ADD ONS: Bath and brush $15





30 mins – $20

45 mins – $25

60 mins – $30