Patreon is a platform which helps support and sustain artists.

It’s a wonderful way to contribute towards an engaged community, help shape a creative movement, and also to receive exclusive patron-only shares and early release previews.

Patreon has allowed me to dismiss the outdated view that artists are supposed to be starving. This is the dawn of a new era, in so many ways.

Creatives are helping to shape the next chapter of what will one day become history. And creative women are at the front of this bold movement. It’s already happening.

Here’s just some of what I share with my Patreon community:



My Twelve Month Tapestry is a series comprised of twelve daily notes (noticings) over twelve months. It’s a way to gather the stray words. The threads that are so much a part of the stitching of me but aren’t always spoken of. (Click here for a preview)


Every single thing I create begins in fragment form. Here I share some of those fragments with you. The way I weld and fuse the pieces together. You’ll get to see photographs of the very beginnings of my creative process, something usually only witnessed by my beloved chai. (Click here for a preview)


Perhaps every woman yearns for a space in which she might sometimes crawl inside and crumble. A space which will hold her. Without promises of fixing or healing or transcending what is so very human. Here, in this virtual room, I will share some of the words that help me witness my own living. Words that may also help you witness yours. (Click here for a preview)


A monthly offering where I will answer questions and share ideas surrounding what a movement of women who are shaping history might really look like. How we might use our creativity to lead a loving, yet unapologetic, revolution. How we might sustain ourselves whilst paving the way for a future that is focused on equality and rooted in justice. Your contribution here gives us a chance. And chances change everything. (Click here for a preview)

I am here for all of this. The razing. The rebuilding. The beautiful revolution of what it means to be a woman telling the truth about her life and encouraging other women to do the same.


Because of your patronage I am able to continue to create and share my words and vision. I am able to take the dreams and dare to bring them to life. I am able to carve out a path that I want us to walk together. It takes a village and you are helping me build one. This is no small thing and my gratitude is deep. Thank you a thousand times over.