Humanity Is Hurting. It Is Time That Love Wins.

I do not pretend to understand a world in which guns and rapists are acceptable but love between same sex couples is deemed “wrong”.

“Wrong” is the fact that whilst people are losing their minds about “predators” in bathrooms, Brock Turner is given a slap on the wrist.

“Wrong” is the fact that we have a racist, bigoted presidential candidate who is allowed to get away with racist, bigoted remarks every damn day.

“Wrong” is the fact that a beautiful young woman, Christina Grimmie, was shot whilst signing autographs.

And “wrong” is the sickening news that I have woken up to on Sunday morning that at Latin night at Pulse Nightclub, people were held hostage and gunned down because of their sexual preferences.

It is not a crime to love someone of the same sex. It is not a crime to be queer. It is not a crime to dress in drag or identify in a different way. It is not a crime to love your God or have a faith. It is not a crime to have a different belief system than the person sitting next to you on the subway.

But it IS a crime that, here in 2016, we are STILL not respecting peoples human rights, that we are still dwelling on what we think divides us rather than what actually unites us. It IS a crime that people cannot exist without being harassed or hurt because someone else thinks they have a superior right.

Humanity is hurting and we have to rise up. 

It is easy for us to love the people we think are the same as us, people with similar beliefs and ideals. It is not so easy to love those whom we perceive to be as different.

Today, I implore you, go deep in your heart and find some love and compassion for someone who isn’t the same as you. And then take that love and make it count. Please.

My heart is breaking right now and I have to believe in a better world. Please, just love.


You can read the printed version of Until We Are Impossible to Ignore here.

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