How to Reclaim Your Power and Step Into the New Year Like a Boss

A calendar year ending is often a time of reflection and resolve. Assessing what didn’t work out and feeling proud of what did. Getting inspired about new adventures and setting resolutions. It’s a time to let go of anything that is no longer serving us and to enjoy the prospect of a fresh start.

A clean slate has only one mark on it: Possibility.

There is a sweet release in saying goodbye to all the ‘stuff’ that weighs us down. We seem to accumulate so much as we move forward on our life journey. Not all of it is material. We also carry around a fair amount of ‘should’ ‘have to’ and ‘I’m not worthy’.


A couple of months ago I deleted all the emails in my inbox. Every single one. Just one click of a button and they disappeared into a gorgeous puff of nothingness. Byeee! Just like that.

Nothing happened. Nobody died. Life went on.

I’d wanted to do it for a while but I told myself I couldn’t possibly delete them all. I still hadn’t replied to some of them. People would think I was rude. They’d have conversations about me behind my back.

Perhaps they did. Perhaps they didn’t. Either way it wasn’t actually any of my business. My business is making my life work for me. Sometimes that means making a call that others might not agree with or approve of. Constantly doing what we think we’re ‘supposed to’ is disempowerment at its best.

People pleasing is a non paying position. Remember that.

It’s also futile because there simply is no way to please everyone all the time.

Perhaps deleting all the emails in your inbox will cause you more stress than release. But I’d hazard a guess that there’s an equivalent that you can find. Maybe it’s saying ‘no, thank you’ more. Maybe it’s not feeling obligated to go to an event.

So, how do we resolve to start a new year like a boss? Well, popular theory is that we make a list detailing our resolutions. I mean, lists are everywhere, right? We can’t seem to move from one room to another without thinking of what we must get done that day. Haven’t we all got a ‘to do’ list? A shopping list? An ‘I’m Failing If I Don’t Get Achieve All My Goals by Sunset’ list?

It’s true that listing what we want to achieve can be a great way of motivating us into action. It can also be a sure fire way of lowering our self esteem if we don’t continually meet the worlds rising expectations.

Can we get a new gig going? A little reminder of what we want to say hello to and what we’d like to kick off the cliff?

Here’s my guide to Stepping Into 2016 Like a Boss:

Say Goodbye to:

Guilt. Let that little b*tch go. Seriously. She’s not doing any favours for anyone. Who invited her anyway?

Procrastinating. Do it or don’t do it. That’s it. Next.

Energy vampires. You know the ones. Foods that deplete you, people that drain you, too tight shoes and stuff that brings you down. Don’t want it. Don’t need it. Let it go. Bye bye. Tell them to shut the door on their way out.

Self doubt. Time to walk the walk. Yes it’s scary sometimes. And what? If your legs tremble then do a little ass shake and they’ll think it’s part of the dance. Get in the damn arena. Own it.

Comparisons. You’re not like the others? You don’t fit in? Excellent! That’s what makes you wonderful. Shine like the gorgeous glitter ball you are. Illuminate your own path. They can wear shades if it bothers them.

Going, going, going, GONE. Ok, great – we’ve made some room. Let’s move swiftly on…

Say Oh Hellllo There to:

Time for you. Maybe that’s curling up with a book, maybe it’s going off on an awesome solo adventure. Carve out that time and make it an absolutely priority. You’ve earned it. (Yes, you.)

Manifesting. Bring each dream to life. Decide. Visualize. Act. We are here for but a blink of an eye. Blaze each beautiful longing into reality.

Self acceptance. Love yourself exactly as you are today. At whatever weight you are, in whatever clothes you’re wearing. Because you are beautiful. (Remember we said goodbye to self doubt).

Your own amazing worth. You are needed. Don’t ever think you’re not. You are a child of the universe and your energy is essential to our global community. Do not doubt the value of your contribution.

Today. Now. This moment. This breath. It’s all any of us have and to honour it’s worth is truly the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Now, get your crown straight and claim your place in the world.

(Note: you can still kick ass in PJ’s).

Also published by Positively Positive.


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