Do Not Dilute Your Joy

A while back I read a post written by a woman who was sharing her happiness at her one year anniversary with her husband. 

Amongst the congratulatory comments, someone had said, “Wait until you’ve been married ten years, then see how you feel”. 

It was a barbed remark but it got me thinking about how we are so often encouraged not to be happy. 

Should this woman have deferred her happiness to another time? A time when perhaps it would be deemed more acceptable or appropriate for her to actually be happy? 

And when exactly would that time be? 

Spoiler: the time is now. 

Do not talk yourself out of your happiness. Do not dilute your joy 

Greet your happy whenever and wherever it comes to visit you. Don’t ask it to come back later. Don’t allow fear to be a blockade. 

Joy is a precious gift. Accept it. 

2 thoughts on “Do Not Dilute Your Joy

  1. I cannot wait for my joy to come back Skylar! It’s deep down inside; it got shrunk with death, lies, betrayals all thrown at me in one big ball… I know joy will return – and I’m thinking and hoping better than ever!! Thank you for being a support to me… xo


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