Because of These Reasons and a Thousand More


Because I think I will scream if I see another post from another abundance coach that promises we will all find the way to success, enlightenment and six figure lifestyles if we just pay $$$ to unlock our potential and the big scam, I mean, big secret.

Because I am acutely aware that not everyone is on a level playing field (or even permitted to be on the field at all).

Because I am (still) seeing people use shame as a way of marketing e.g. subliminal or overt messages that suggest or explicitly state that something is wrong with us if we are not living a life that is free of debt/fear/trauma or some other very human experience that we are being told to eliminate.

Because I feel that often it is the people who might most benefit from something other than the minimum, the least, the last, the broken pieces that have been discarded by those who have easy and consistent access to bigger or “better”.

Because I have been given sanctuary by others, in many forms, through many kindnesses, over many years.

Because I cannot bear the BS of packaging something in such a way that is insulting to your very personal life experience that I may not ever have the ability to fully and truly comprehend, being that it is your experience and not mine.

For those reasons, and a thousand more, I am not doing my planned marketing that I intended to start this weekend for The Great Remembering.

And yes, I need to sell my work and make money from it. I really do. And yes, these past months and weeks have hit hard financially and there is fear and concern and feelings of how are we even going to get through this?

But just as my fear has increased, so has my empathy. Because if we can’t help one another from the heart then I’m not sure why we’re here.

So, my offering to you is this:

If you would like to be a part of The Great Remembering: Tracing a Map Back to You, then I would love to journey with you. The series is usually $49.99. If you wish to participate in the course and you have access to that amount of money, your presence and your payment will be hugely welcome.


If you wish to participate in the course, and you do not have access to that amount of money but you would like to offer half of that, or some of that, or a small percentage of that, your presence and your payment will be hugely welcome.


If you wish to participate in the course and you have no access to any money, or you are in a body that knows the debilitating and persistent weight of chronic pain or grief or depression or something else that is heavy and nameless. Or if you are someone who is a carer for others or a giver of service and you would quite like something for yourself but you don’t know how to justify a non-critical expense. Or if you are juggling debt and bills or your own sanity and you don’t know how the electric bill will get paid this month or next month or ever. Or if your daily living feels isolating or oppressed or misunderstood because the World is asking you to constantly fit into a mold that doesn’t feel like you or look like you because that’s not your skin color or weight or gender and you feel as though you are always overlooked and never represented or considered.


The series is free. And you only need send a private message to me with your email address and no explanation. I believe you. Your presence will be hugely welcome.


If being a part of this series is not for you but you would like to make a donation to a woman trying to make it in the World, then yes please and thank you from the bottom of my heart because staying afloat has not been easy and the waters are very choppy right now.

Payment can be made here:

Or via Venmo: @SkylarLiberty

With love and gratitude,



P.S. Since I shared this on Facebook on Friday I have had a ton of support. I’ve had messages and donations. People asking to sponsor other people who can’t afford to participate. My heart is literally cracked open right now with the amount of love I’ve received. Big and small donations that make a HUGE difference to me. Believe me when I say that it is all being paid forward and I am in AWE at what it is to experience such love. Beyond grateful. Truly beyond.

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