An Invitation to Listen to Your Intuition

Skylar Liberty Rose

We get so caught up on following the “right people”.

This is often based on the number of followers that person/company/cause already has.

“Oh, they must be good because 2 million people say so”. 

What if everyone had their social media sites set to zero? What if none of us could see who everyone else was following?

What is the message that you’d intentionally seek out? What is the soul food that you would deliberately feast on?

I think sometimes we forget to ask ourselves those questions. We get caught up in the noise of what everyone else is shouting about.

Would the Rumi quote resonate quite as much with you if it wasn’t attributed to him?

Would you still be as enamored with the words of Oprah if they were written by a never before heard of blogger?

Perhaps you would, perhaps you wouldn’t. There’s no right answer. Simply an invitation to dive a little deeper into your own seeking soul.

Act with intention and have the courage to trust your own incredible intuition. You may just be amazed at what happens…

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